Here Are The 5 Ads Nominated This Year For An Emmy For The Most Outstanding Commercial

Emmy just released their nominations, and while everyone is raving about the record 32 nominations won by Game of Thrones, we have our eyes set on the nominations for the most outstanding commercial. Big brands like Nike, Netflix and Apple have been nominated along with the non-profit Sandy Hook Promise, which works for prevention of gun violence.

What’s interesting to note is that Apple has won 2 nominations. From a brand which was popular for not advertising in the early part of their rebirth, to rolling out one stunning ad after the other.

The two Apple ads which have been nominated are “Make Something Wonderful”, from their Behind the Mac campaign featuring a string of celebrities and “Don’t Mess With Mother”, one of those shot on iPhone ads which was released on Earth Day this April.


Nike got nominated for their “Dream Crazy” ad starring Colin Kaepernick, which was part of its own fair share of controversy for choosing the sportsman. In our opinion, this is the front-runner to bag the award this year.

Sandy Hook Promise’s “Point of View” is another strong contender, as they continue their endeavour against gun violence.

Netflix’s “A Great Day in Hollywood,” celebrated the diversity in the TV and Movie industry and is the fifth and final nomination.

If you have been wondering who won the Emmy last year, it was P&G’s “The Talk”, which encouraged conversations around racism in USA. Check it out!

Which is your favourite ad, and who do you think will win the Emmy this year? Let us know!