Heineken® Silver’s Smoothest Mega Party in Bangalore Was Quite Extraordinary – Here’s Why

Last week, we saw popular stars on the Internet disappearing from social meeds feeds like Krishna Shroff, Karan Tacker, BeYouNick and Jordindian.

Later, it was revealed that they had taken off to witness the ‘birth’ of the new Heineken® Silver. The intrigue created around it was a trailer of what was to come. 

It got everyone thinking: once you’ve got everyone’s attention, how do you live up to the hype?

Heineken® Silver took it up a notch with the Smoothest Mega Party ever, setting a new benchmark for launch parties everywhere. 

One of Bangalore’s most iconic landmarks, UB Tower, came alive with music, exciting tech, VR, and even synchronised projection mapping which blended light and sound in a unique phenomenon. That sounds…pretty awesome, right?

Safe to say, it passed the vibe check in the smoooothest way ever.

Creating a hype 101 

What makes a party memorable? 

Good music? Check.

Lit visuals? Check

The coolest cohort of influencers? Check

The futuristic Silververse had everyone in awe, from start to finish. 

The entry points with their smooth tunnels with dynamic screens set a high bar for the immersive experiences right at the beginning. And speaking of setting high bars, the event also had a dynamic bar set-up with curved LEDs that were straight from the future!

One of the coolest highlights from the party has got to be the musicians. In just one word, the sets and the beats were simply ✨ iconic✨. They got the audience on their feet and dancing, along with the influencers.

And did we mention the dancing space-man that was projected onto the tower?

Yes, there was a virtual space-man vibing with the attendees!

The FOMO this video gave us is real:

Heineken® Silver: The party veteran

This launch event was truly a first-of-its-kind spectacle.

Heineken® is known for its creative campaigns, but this time the brand really outdid itself with the coolest of innovations. 

Speaking of cool new innovations, can we talk about the VR zone? It transported the audience straight to the Silververse!

But here’s what really made the party the talk of the town: the Heineken® Kicks, aka the brand’s innovative sneakers that garnered fans of their own, including Nikhil Chinapa and Jordindian.

The brand set out to be unique and that’s exactly what they did.

The venue even had a selfie zone! But it wasn’t like ordinary selfie zones. Here, the audience members’ selfies were projected onto the tower, quite literally. It all happened in real time while the images were being captured.

But guess what? The party doesn’t stop here!

The Silververse is now headed to MMRDA Grounds in Aamchi Mumbai on November 5th

Is the experience going to be just as amazing as the Bangalore launch or will it exceed all expectations once again?

For more updates on Heineken® Silver, follow the brand’s official Insta handle – @heineken_in

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