Havells Is Lighting The Way Towards Victory, Both Literally and Figuratively

With every journey, come moments of darkness and despair, but overcoming these obstacles is what makes the destination worthwhile. 

The saying “it’s always darkest before dawn”, perfectly encapsulates the intent behind Havell’s latest campaign: the darkest times often lead to the brightest moments. 

By showcasing the stories of some real-life heroes who rose from the depths of darkness, the campaign emphasises the importance of ‘light’ in our lives; both literally and figuratively. 

LED moments 

Through remarkable storytelling, the brand is changing the narrative of ‘LED’ from its technical term ‘light-emitting diode’ to ‘let’s end darkness’.

The positive message seeks to help the audience feel heard – of their ambitions and struggles and aims to light the way forward towards the path of victory.

To make the campaign more powerful and personalised, the brand is striving to arouse a wide range of emotions within the audience and inspire self-actualized moments of enlightenment.  

‘How can Deepa be afraid of darkness?’ – Deepa Malik, the first Indian woman to win a Paralympic medal

The brightest light that comes from within 

Everyone holds certain darkness within them. All it takes is a little nudge in the right direction to reclaim control over their body, mind, and thoughts. 

Smriti Mandhana, Vice-Captain of the Indian Women’s Cricket Team, found her calling at a young age, and pushed herself to use her differences to her advantage

The core message 

Spreading light in a way that is also socially responsible, Havells’ is encouraging positive thinking and mindfulness in a way that resonates best with people: human-interest stories. 

As the love and messages of support pour in, the Let’s End Darkness Moments campaign is bringing about a change in our attitude and self, one story at a time.