Go Home Everyone, 5 Star Has Won Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day. Which means – Don’t breathe, (an overdose of) love is in the air! When every brand around us is celebrating mush and love, 5 Star has taken an amazingly authentic and real take on Valentines Day – it’s like any. other. day.

We found their awesome outdoor campaign celebrating so many of us who are really doing nothing on Valentine’s Day. It was even more amazing, because it involved a playful banter with a brand from their own family – Dairy Milk Silk. Right next to one of their outdoor ads which read “How far will you go for love?”, 5 Star put a banner of their own saying “Nah, I’m fine here! Eat 5 Star, do nothing”

They also hinted at how romantic actions can sometimes pan out wrong, and you gotta chuckle at the creativity.

Hey 5 Star – We def like your normal campaign on this normal day!