What are the tasks?

Task 1 : Design an Instagram post for “Renault Plug Inn” campaign in the carousel format. 


Task 2 : Design an Instagram post for “Weeknd’s Super Bowl Performance” in the carousel format.


Are there any design guidelines? 


No, there aren’t any rigid guidelines that you need to follow. Just two things : 


  1. The output is for an Instagram Carousel 
  2. Each slide should be 1050(w) x 1350(h) px 
  3. No videos to be added in any slide


Use design elements, graphics, icons and images which can help in expressing the written content in a better way, making it easier for the readers to understand the campaign.


What is the expectation? 


The objective of this task is to assess your graphic designing skills. The task will assess how you can elevate what the written content is trying to express by using your designing skills. So please create the carousel in a way that brings those skills to the front. 


Anything else I should know? 


It’s a blank canvas, please feel free to create any type of a design. Don’t feel restricted with any instructions. 


Once you have created the designs, upload the carousels in the application form in PDF format.

What's the text content for the first task?

Slide 1 (Title) : 

There are 1 million electric cars in France

But only 80,000 public charging stations

How do you solve this?

Slide 2:

By doing what Airbnb did

Here’s how

Slide 3:

While there are only 80,000 public charging stations, there are 680,000 private chargers in people’s homes.

Slide 4:

So here’s what Renault did

It connected drivers to other people’s home chargers.

Slide 5:

Homeowners get to earn a little money by renting their chargers

Car drivers get the piece of mind knowing they won’t be stranded in the middle of nowhere

Slide 6:

No matter where you are, there will always be a charging station near you

(Please feel free to edit the text in any way that you want, if that makes the final design better. You can add text, remove text, edit text) 

Where can I find more information about the campaign? 

You can find all the information, including campaign images, about the campaign on the links below:

What's the text content for the second task?

Slide 1 (Title) : 

The Weeknd did not get paid for his Super Bowl performance.

In fact he contributed $7 million towards the production.

Here’s why

Slide 2 :

This isn’t the first time an artist wasn’t paid for a Super Bowl half time show. A lot of musicians do the much coveted performance for the exposure that it brings with itself.

More than 100 million people see the event, which directly converts into money in other forms.

Slide 3 :

The exposure that Super Bowl brings for an artist, results in three things :

  • Exponential growth in streams of their songs on platforms like Spotify
  • Massive growth of followers on their social media handles like Instagram
  • Jump in ticket sales for upcoming concerts.

Slide  4 : 

Recency effect is everything, and people end up streaming these artists’ songs a lot more.

This results in increased earnings from music royalty.

Slide 5 : 

After JLo and Shakira’s performance in 2020, the former gained more than 2 million followers in one week, while Shakira gained more than half a million followers.

This results in increased endorsements.

Slide 6 :

You see an artist perform on TV, you want to see them perform LIVE. You go find out about their next concert, and book tickets straightaway.

This results in well, cash.

Slide 7 :

To put things in perspective, brands spent fore than 5 million dollars for a 30 second spot during the event.

Whereas The Weeknd spent 7 million dollars for a 15 minute spot during the event.

Sounds like good business to us.

(Please feel free to edit the text in any way that you want, if that makes the final design better. You can add text, remove text, edit text)