How Flipkart Leveraged The Power Of Social Media For A Mystery Launch

There’s a new smartphone being launched almost every week. There’s intense competition in this domain to create recall in the minds of potential customers. Amidst this chaos it is truly difficult for phone manufacturers and sellers to create buzz and excitement about their new launches. Some brands opt for safe, tried and tested methods, while some do something unique time after time.

Enter Flipkart.

To stand out of the clutter, Flipkart gamified the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy F12 smartphone. The brand engaged users by introducing a guessing game on Twitter and Instagram. On March 31st, the company announced they’re going #FullOnFab for a mystery launch!

Create intrigue – check!

This got people wondering what the mystery product was, and Flipkart tapped on to this intrigue by making users guess what it could be. The brand also promised Flipkart vouchers to 20 winners who got the right answer.

Incentivise users for participation – check!

Lo and behold the entries started pouring in. Popular influencers were leveraged to get the momentum and within moments, the #FullOnFab hashtag began trending at the #1 spot on Twitter, before it moved to #3 and stayed there the whole day.

Use the influencer community to drive conversations – check!

While some users thought it could be a fragrance, others thought it was a beauty product. Some were a little skeptical. Was this an April Fool’s Day prank?

After a little more teasing, Flipkart finally revealed the big mystery and introduced the Samsung Galaxy F12!

So, what worked for the campaign?

Direct product launches are boring and drab, but when you get users involved in the launch and gamify the release it becomes exciting and inclusive. Flipkart successfully managed to build curiosity and leverage social media to create awareness about the new launch. The contest not only garnered a lot of earned media, but was cost effective as well. With every guess, each user was highlighting more attention on the launch, without the brand having to resort to traditional mediums like print and outdoor. 

Simple, yet smart – we like!