Flipkart Painted The Town Blue For The Big Billion Days Sale With The Help Of Memes And Pop Culture

Flipkart’s ‘The Big Billion Days’ just concluded, and this year, the celebrations were bigger and bolder than ever. 

Flipkart quite literally painted the town blue with the #UpgradeTohBantaHai campaign, integrating offline and online activations to make the event a pan-India festival. 

2022 saw a new approach that worked wonders for Flipkart: new-age meme marketing. 

That’s right, they took memes online to offline in the most creative ways. 

Exhibit A: Auto Rickshaws 

100s of rickshaws got their meme game on and lit up the streets with the quirkiest memes: 

This one too:

Exhibit B: Influencers 

Resident Insta-Influencers did what they do best: make slice-of-life skits and parodies while simultaneously divulging the details of the campaign in (hilariously) unthinkable ways. 

And we’re here for it! 

Who doesn’t love Tanmay Bhat… being Tanmay Bhat? 

Chandni mimicing Ananya Pandey was spot on

Through these posts and Reels, more influencers such as Rahul Dua, Dharna Durga, Nirmal Pillai, and Kushaal Pawar were able to convey the campaign’s main message: don’t adjust, but rather upgrade. 

Social x Flipkart 

Flipkart tied up with the Social chain of restaurants to reveal a custom menu of drinks and decor that created a buzz and a sense of intrigue among the restaurant-goers. 

Using drinks to bring the signature brand colours to life, it was the perfect way to call out the brand’s identity in the campaign. 

The coolest AR filter 

To add a creative spin to the whole campaign, the brand released an AR filter that enabled users to discover the coolest deals in a manner that’s never been done before. 

And it’s probably the best thing you’ll see today: 

The campaign on wheels 

From cabs to trains to airports, The Big Billion Days took over everywhere. 

Flipkart leveraged modes of public transport to achieve a high recall value and how: 

From Bustling train stations 

To taxis on-the-go 

To an airport takeover like never before

Everyone everywhere was aware of one thing: The Big Billion Days sale from  23rd-30th September 2022!

It became an event that was impossible to miss 

Flipkart got it right this year; from memes and pop culture references to strategic placements of offline ads, the buzz around the sale was unparalleled. 

And so, the Big Billion Days became a celebration that united the whole nation in spirit and made the festive season all the more special!