Flipkart Is Killing Your Shopping Inhibitions With Their Latest Campaign

Mobile phones, tablets, books, clothes etc etc – you have been buying this stuff online for years now! And why shouldn’t you, a variety of choices, competitive prices, high level of convenience, user reviews, yada yada – online shopping is IT! But when it comes to shopping large appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners, shoppers are still on the fence about it.

Will the product be original? Will it be delivered on time? Will I get the same guarantee and warranty as I would get when I buy it from the shop in my neighbourhood? How can I buy such a big thing without even looking at it? WHAT IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG LATER?!

There are a lot of us who have discovered the joy of buying large appliances online, but there’s still a few amongst us struggling with doubts. With their latest campaign – Aapki Khareedari, Hamari Zimmedari –  the brand is aiming to cast these apprehensions aside and yes, the oh-so-cute kids behaving like adults are back! The light hearted series of ads feature three very important pieces of communication :

Apprehension #1 : “Online ka koi bharosa nahi, aate hate damage ho gaya toh? Sasta bhi mehenga padega”


Apprehension #2 : “Na dukaan, na dukaandar, kal fridge kharab ho gaya toh kiske paas jayenge”


Apprehension #3 : “Online ka kya bharosa, kab deliver hoga, kab install hoga”

In a very crisp and simple way, the brand has been able to communicate the intended message, and hence drive confidence on the platform. While other players continue to harp about discounts and sales, we believe this campaign by Flipkart is a clever move basis their consumer insight. It drives home two very important points – you can be assured of reliable and original products when shopping for large appliances on Flipkart, and that they have got your back even after the sale is made.