Fabulous Fitness Advertising

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Fitness ads have evolved over the years. From the plain old ‘ab tum tum se Kareena sir pandrah dino men’ we have come a long way to some really creative campaigns which make you want to get fit right away. As always, we have curated only the best of these ads to make your day slightly more interesting.

1.  Here’s a little neck exercise to being with. (read from left to right)


2. Talk about placement of you ad.


3. Ever been wondering why Santa has been skipping visiting your house recently?


4. A bus stop seat with a weight display while you sit, when you could have easily waited while standing up.


5. Stop lying to yourself – hit the gym instead of checking if you are pregnant.


6. You don’t need an ultrasound, you need a gym.


7. Now that’s some depiction of strength,


8. Look how fat David got because he never moved an inch.


9. If you look down and nothing’s looking back, it’s time to hit the gym.


10. Woah.


11. Traffic signs through Yoga positions – check!


12. You turn the page of the magazine, and the model completes a crunch.


13. And that’s what we call Jugaad.


14. The best minimal ad you will see this century.


15. Placement is everything.


16. Tilt the scales in your favour.


17. Yoga and the bend of the straw – as we said, placement is everything.


18. You can’t run if you are sitting can you?


19. Genius. 

So, see you at the gym?