Ever Wondered What Dua Lipa Sounds Like Without Music?

Last year, the international popstar shared the news of becoming the ‘CEO of hydration’ as Evian’s global ambassador in an Instagram post. “Call me, beep me, if u wanna reach me” she said in her caption, which sounded like lyrics straight out of a Dua Lipa song. 

The water brand is known for fostering creative partnerships as seen in past collaborations with popular designers and fashion labels. 

For Evian’s ‘Drink True’ campaign, we see Lipa in a 120-second long documentary-style film. 

The ad opens with Dua walking onto stage in an empty theatre, sipping on an Evian water bottle for a sound check. She puts on her ear-in monitors, and begins singing an acapella version of her hit ‘Levitating’, not missing a single note. 

There’s no background music, no fancy costume or crazy makeup – just Dua in her most natural state being her authentic self. 

The film highlights the fact that except the cap and the label, the water bottle is made of 100 percent recycled plastic. The global campaign aims to celebrate the brand’s ‘authenticity, transparency and honesty’ and its efforts to become fully circular by the year 2025. 

“Stripping everything back to a beautiful and calm flow felt refreshingly different,” said the singer in a statement. “It’s not often I get the chance to pause and sing my music a cappella, so I hope the fans enjoy it.”