Enabling conceptual clarity and building a strong learning foundation for children through Print Learn Center, an initiative by HP India

The early and middle years are critical in a learner’s journey. Pen and paper-based learning—which has taken a hit during the pandemic—is critical to building a strong learning foundation. HP Print Learn Center’s structured content organized into weekly worksheet-based learning will help in building positive learning habits that will have a far-reaching impact on kids’ approach to grasping fundamental concepts.

HP Print Learn Center has launched 3 subscription plans that start for as low as INR 199:

  • INR 199 – 2-month access with 3 guided video tutorials and 10 sets of 20 worksheets each
  • INR 599 – 6-month access with 3 guided video tutorials and 30 sets of 20 worksheets each
  • INR 899 – 1-year access with 30 exclusive guided video tutorials paired with 1500 practice worksheets (each video has 50 practice sheets) and an annual curriculum of 52 sets of worksheets adding to 1040 worksheets 

Parents can also opt for a 2-week free trial version that offers 2 sets of 40 worksheets along with 1 guided video tutorial for children between 3 to 12 years. 

Prashant Jain, Chief Marketing Officer, HP India Market remarks, “Parents today are concerned that the pandemic has impacted learning and mastery of basic concepts.  Conceptual clarity is key to building strong learning foundations. Screen-based learning has not enabled that well.  Thus, we have introduced a new set of learning modules that are worksheet-based and come with guided video tutorials that help parents build a strong learning foundation for their children. We hope to provide all students and educators with learning tools that supplement the school’s curriculum and prepare these young learners for life ahead.”

Building on its scientifically designed curriculum, the platform has introduced expert-led guided video tutorials for parents to help their children build a strong learning foundation, master fundamental concepts, and new-age skills. The online center has also upgraded its repository to include more than 12,000 interactive worksheets for young learners in the form of a structured weekly curriculum of 52 weeks (annual). The structured and age-appropriate learning worksheets come in weekly sets of 20 sheets.  The worksheet sets have been created in a manner that helps the parents to improve the creative expressions of their child, help them to build clarity on fundamental concepts, and learn age-appropriate skills. 

Experts attached with this project include globally renowned names such as Dr. Swati Popat, president of the Early Childhood Association of India, globally renowned storyteller Rohini Vij, Farida Bawani, who has helped set up curriculum guidance and training assistance for nearly 200 schools across India, and Sheetal Kapoor, who has over 28 years of expertise in developing a child-centric and age-appropriate curriculum, as well as parent counseling and teacher training

The guided video tutorials and age-specific worksheet repository are now available as part of three subscription plans that start for as low as INR 199 for two months. One can also opt for a 2-week free trial version that offers 1 guided video tutorial and 2 sets of 40 worksheets for children between 3 to 12 years of age. 

Launched in November 2020, HP Print learn Center has emerged as a popular platform for thousands of kids as well as parents across India. Along with guided video tutorials for parents, it offers a robust mix of worksheets that encourage children to go beyond theoretical learning. These expert-curated modules focus on boosting kids’ creative learning, critical thinking, grasping power, understanding of key concepts across various subjects, cognitive and other skills. HP Print Learn Center is helping thousands of parents prepare their children for a successful future by providing easy access to a scientifically designed, age-appropriate curriculum.

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