eBay Encourages Indian Entrepreneurs To Dream Big And Go International In Its New Campaign

eBay, the global e-commerce platform that connects millions of buyers and sellers, has launched a new campaign titled Sirf Local Nahi, International Seller to showcase how it can help Indian sellers partake in B2C cross-border business.

Setting up a business can be a daunting task. There are a multitude of challenges faced by small and medium business owners. However, there are a few who have moved beyond the boundaries of India to conquer the international market with eBay’s cross border platform.

‘Sirf Local Nahi, International Seller’ captures the unique stories of eight such Indian sellers who not only expanded their businesses with eBay, but also broadened the horizon of aspirations for others. Their stories are not focused on only financial success, but on how being an international businessperson also changed their personal lives and how they are perceived by society. 

Take the example of Leela Ram Bunkar, owner of Divya Gems and Jewelry, who was a Jewelry artisan before he decided to onboard his business on eBay’s expansive marketplace. From having no prior experience in scaling up business operations in the digital format to becoming capable of creating a top-notch online catalog, he now receives more than 300 orders a week from foreign buyers on eBay’s cross-border platform. Mr. Bunker’s success was due to the structured insights provided by the eBay team for better visibility and an enhanced selling experience. It enabled him to list a wider range of products based on demand. For instance, eBay’s insight on specific holidays such as Christmas and New Year helped Mr. Bunkar make necessary changes to his product listings with holiday-specific products, leading to higher sales. He is already selling in the US and UK markets, and has plans to expand his business in France, Italy and Germany.

Based out of Chandigarh, Himodak Arora’s business growth has been phenomenal on eBay’s cross-border platform. From exclusively dealing in smartphones to an expansive portfolio of cutting-edge devices ranging from smartphones to smartwatches, laptops, and other accessories, he realized his million-dollar business potential in 2019. He received guidance from eBay’s account manager on various brands & products in demand in the foreign markets. Mr. Arora’s success today can be attributed to an accelerated geo-expansion. He achieved 4X year-on-year growth because of geo-expansion to Germany, France, Italy, and Spain in 2020 as a recovery plan from the COVID lockdown.

Through these inspiring stories, eBay gives budding Indian entrepreneurs a peek into the opportunities retail export holds for them. Entrepreneurs aspiring to go international get to hear from the sellers just like them, who had a dream and achieved it with eBay’s e-commerce platform. 

Sirf Local Nahi, International Seller’ hopes to encourage and empower more Indian sellers to adopt cross border e-commerce as a channel to transform their businesses into proud international businesses and celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of the few who dared to dream big. 

To know more, head to https://sellglobal.ebay.in/seller-center/.