Dramayana Is The Perfect Dose Of Crazy That Financial Advertising Was Missing

DSP Mutual Fund’s father-son saga titled ‘Dramayana’ is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise cluttered advertising space in the financial domain. While most campaigns in this segment use a tried and tested methodology to get consumer eye-balls, ‘Dramayana’ dares to take the road less (perhaps never) taken, and presents the audience with a quirky series of videos with a whole lot of humour, and as the title suggests – a whole lot of drama!

Let’s put this campaign in context first. JFM is that time of the year when all salaried professionals start thinking about their taxes, or are given reminders from the powers that be. This is when most financial brands start pushing their tax saving options to customers, which more often than not, get mixed up or ignored because of the same old boring 2-in-1 message – save tax and grow wealth! While customers are surely reminded to plan their taxes, brands are not really able to stand out with differentiated communication.

This is where this brand has totally stood out! DSP Mutual Fund chose an approach which will be very hard for the audience to forget. Making finance fun is not an easy thing to do, but the creative concept behind this campaign surely hits the spot. The series today has seven different videos which use the same vintage movie-video format footage, utter gibberish as dialogue, whacky storylines brought to life via subtitles and the perfect brand integration. The videos feature an always angry and cranky old father, troubled by his helpless son, in a chaotic household. Check them out:

Arun can’t get Married!

Gully Toy: Apna Tax-Free Time Aayega!

Arun Demands a Raise from Appa!

Arun makes Furious Appa get Furioser!

Arun wants to be just like Appa

Furious Appa Goes Deaf

Poor Amma is in Trouble!

With this never-seen-before approach, the brand has adventurously taken a regular, technical investment product and intertwined humour into their communication. This will ensure consumer relatability to the messaging. It is no secret that times have changed, and the digital audience reacts very differently today than they did a few years ago. Internet memes, witty one liners and quirkiness is what everyone is looking for. People today want laughter and smiles a lot more than they want fear. ‘Dramayana’ successfully encapsulates all these trends, while keeping the agenda pretty simple – ‘to have fun!’

Disclaimer: Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.