Dove Is Paying For Other Brands To Encourage Diversity In Ad Campaigns

Dove is well known for its ads and brand ethos which challenge and redefine traditional beauty standards.

According to a survey, about 70 per cent women still don’t feel represented in the advertisements they see. In an attempt to drive real change and promote diversity in the ad world, Dove launched the ‘It’s On Us’ campaign. 

The company teamed up with independent casting agencies to get diverse talents into auditions for other major brands. Each of the models had a simple message for the casting directors – “Do you think you’re bold enough to put me in your ad? If you choose me, and show me as I really am, Dove will cover the cost of my appearance fee.”

The initiative was captured in a film:


Brands such as Krispy Kreme donuts, Magnum ice cream, Nedbank and Cif soap took up the company on their offer, and Dove’s Real Beauty models were casted in their ad campaigns.

This goes to show just how committed the brand is to bring about real change in the world.