Disha Patani Recreated A Childhood Memory With Her Brother In Cadbury Celebrations’ #RakhiRewind Campaign

Disha Patani Cadbury

We have an ever evolving relationship with our siblings, and they are a lot of things for us. From being our best friends on some days, they are our fiercest enemies on other days. If they are older siblings, they are also your pseudo parents, and if they are younger, they are also someone you are protective of. You’ve fought over TV remotes, that last piece of chocolate in the fridge and who gets to bat first, among hundred other things. You also had your rituals of Sunday cricket matches, of late night video games and that special hiding place away from your parents. No matter how much you loved to hate your sibling, you relish those moments today. However, we often aren’t able to relive these moments from the past with our siblings, and all they are, are memories.

Cadbury Celebrations caught onto this insight and rolled out their latest campaign starring Disha Patani and her brother. In the video, Disha Patani talks about her relationship with her brother and goes on to recreate a beautiful moment from the past as a gift to her sibling. Check it out!



As part of Cadbury’s #RakhiRewind campaign, the brand is aiming at encouraging users to recreate moments from their childhood with their siblings. There’s no better occasion than Rakshabandhan to revive some beautiful memories with those bhai-behen things you miss from the past.