Diesel Tells Its Customers To Enjoy Clothes Before Returning Them To The Store

Have you ever bought a clothing item, worn it, and then returned it for store credit or a refund? If yes, you’re guilty of ‘wardrobing’, but Diesel’s not mad about it at all. 

While wardrobing is a major problem for fashion retailers around the world, Diesel took a unique approach to the issue by highlighting it as if it were absolutely normal. 

Through a tongue-in-cheek campaign, Diesel told its customers to enjoy the clothes before returning them, and even showed how to ace the act of wardrobing in a 60-second spot. 

In the ad, a bunch of young, well-dressed shoppers are shown going out and having fun in their new outfits with the tags hanging out. The ad shows how these cheeky rebels straighten out the clothes, and even iron the labels before repacking them to return them to the store. 

The provocative voiceover is the brand’s return policy. 

The brand also threw a ‘return-party’ for once-worn items, where guests had to wear clothes with the tags on and on display to enter during London Fashion Week.

Surprisingly, both in-store and online returns went down, while Diesel’s brand presence and sales went up as a result of the out-of-the-box campaign.

Diesel Enjoy Before Returning | Collater.alDiesel Enjoy Before Returning | Collater.al