Did You Know About The Right To Sleep? Kurl-on’s Latest Campaign Is Telling Us All About It

Whether it’s the Right to Equality or the Right to Freedom, we’re all aware of our basic fundamental rights as citizens of India. 

But… did you know about the ‘Right to Sleep?’ 

For a special and clutter-breaking Republic Day campaign, Kurl-on took a clever route and shed light on a constitutional right no one really talks about: the right to sleep! 

How to stand out 

It is important for every brand to connect with its audience and create something meaningful and unique to stand out in the crowd. 

Kurl-on understood the assignment and how. Their latest campaign raised awareness around a lesser-known fundamental right in a way that is still relevant to the brand’s narrative around sleep… because no one’s really talking about sleep on Republic Day, right? 

Through clever storytelling, the brand raised its voice as an advocate of this right and seamlessly positioned itself as The Mattress of India. 

The importance of sleep 

The brand’s purpose? 

To educate customers about the importance of sleep and the role it plays in ensuring our well-being. 

With the help of influencers, the brand successfully led conversations around sleep and highlighted why a good night’s rest is the key to good health. 

And in their own unique ways, the influencers creatively delivered the campaign’s main objective: the right to sleep is just as important as any other fundamental right, and should not be overlooked! 

A special campaign for a special occasion 

The brand’s communication was witty yet still informative, and approached the buzz around Republic Day with a new thought and refreshing mindset. 

Not only did it spark interest around the topic of sleep, but it did so in a way that differentiated Kurl-on from other brand campaigns that simply tackle the subject in a bland and boring way. 

Looks like we have to stop using the phrase, ‘you snooze, you lose’ now! 😴

About Kurl-on

As India’s leading mattress brand, Kurl-on has been helping customers sleep soundly for over 60 years. The Kurl-on brand has earned a reputation for trust that transcends generations. For more than half a century, Kurl-on has been synonymous with quality and comfort, consistently standing as one of India’s premier mattress companies. However, the company’s commitment to home comfort and drive for improvement has led to an expansion of their offerings to include a wide range of products and solutions. With a network of over 10,000 dealers, 72 branches, and 9 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread across India, Kurl-on is dedicated to elevating the standards of the mattress industry and providing comfort to the growing Indian population. It is the relationship that Kurl-on has fostered with its customers that sets the brand apart. A relationship that carries through generations, families all over India have experienced the comfort of Kurl-on and found solace in the support and healthy sleep it provides.