Could The Moldy Whopper By Burger King Already Be The Best Campaign of 2020

Go home everyone, Burger King has already won 2020. In this stunning campaign, Burger King shows their iconic Whopper covered in mold. Instead of featuring it with the classic flawless and often perfect photographic style commonly used to showcase fast food products, Burger King let its most iconic product get rotten to make a powerful statement : The fact that no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours are added to the burger.

The stellar campaign makes a reference to the number of days that have passed since the sandwich was prepared, and a line reads, “The beauty of no artificial preservatives

As part of their global commitment to drop all artificial preservatives, BK released this truly bizarre and yet a truly remarkable ad campaign. ‘The Moldy Whopper’ features high-res pictures and videos of a Whopper rotting with a time stamp displaying how many days the burger has been kept out for. This perhaps goes against all the rules of fast food advertising, which showcases products far away from reality – photoshopped, filtered and what not.

The brand has pledged to drop all artificial preservatives, and has already done so successfully in most of Europe and United States.