Comedy Central Packs A Satirical Punch With #ChooserNotLoser

This 2019 election, India will have 15 million newly eligible citizens who can cast their vote. But will they all vote? Or will they let others make their decision for them, for the country’s future and theirs? 

We believe life is all about the choices we make, every decision made so far has led us to who we are and where we are today. Our choices are in every sense the most integral part of our lives. It would be hard for us to live or even imagine a world where we couldn’t choose for ourselves! Sounds pretty scary to us, wouldn’t you agree? 

With this existential notion Comedy Central has built a very relevant, satirical campaign called #ChooserNotLoser, that has given a spoofy yet spunky perspective to the upcoming elections. Even though this series of videos comes across as funny, we felt it posed a hard-hitting question to all of us this election season: Are you a Chooser or a Loser?

Appealing to the country’s citizens with a resonating tone, Comedy Central reminds us that we form the remarkable Indian democracy. 

With the right to vote and choose our leader, the responsibility of who frames policies that impacts our lives and leads the country to a better tomorrow is also upon us. So, either we choose and make that decision, or well, we lose. Comedy Central packs a mean punch with this message through a series of videos that take a light-hearted and satirical approach which makes the audience laugh but also makes them realize their duty to vote. The videos highlight the most taken for granted context, like choosing your name, provoking a thought that what if someone else made our choices for us. Check out their videos below:




We’re loving this campaign! Unlike the more predictable route of an emotional charge or a motivational speech to rouse the audience into voting, Comedy Central stayed true to its authentic brand vibe and created a humorous yet responsible campaign urging the audience to choose for themselves. So, are you a Chooser or a Loser? With Comedy Central, we urge you to be a #ChooserNotLoser and go vote!