CoinSwitch Ropes In One Of India’s Biggest Superstars, Ranveer Singh As Their Brand Ambassador

CoinSwitch Kuber has brought Bollywood actor and youth icon Ranveer Singh on board as their brand ambassador. The association is category-defining, as Singh is undisputedly one of the biggest youth icons there is today. 

Cryptocurrency is gaining momentum and the charge is being led by young investors, many of whom are investing for the first time. As a space, it is dominated by the youth of India. 

CoinSwitch Kuber’s latest ad film shows Ranveer Singh and his ‘bros’ chilling in an old garage, talking about how CoinSwitch is the place to buy Bitcoin. 

Keeping in mind that the campaign is targeted towards young India, the concept and the execution is spot on. Here’s why:

Ranveer Singh

CoinSwitch has roped in the perfect brand ambassador, through whom the brand can speak to both Gen Z and millennials. His popularity and social media presence will be of immense value to the brand as they continue to create awareness about crypto as an emerging asset class.


The campaign answers the one doubt that everyone has before they start their investing journey : Is this going to be difficult? Short answer – No. The ad film particularly allays all fears associated with new adopters, and uses a very fun approach to do so – rap!


Earlier this week, CoinSwitch reached unicorn status in India, valued at $1.9 billion with over 1+ crore customers. This followed by the announcement of the association with Ranveer Singh will generate a large amount of faith and trust amongst users who have been sitting on the fence up until now.


Cryptocurrency is not just for the tech savvy individuals, it’s for everyone. The ad film reflects a diverse Indian population and doubles down on this aspect, while communicating how simple and easy to use the app is.

This is just the first of the three ad films in store featuring Ranveer Singh, and we are looking forward to see the waves this new association can create in the crypto ecosystem.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are an unregulated space in India, and are subject to market risks. Please do your own research before investing, any risk or loss arising out of it will be the sole responsibility of the investor.

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