Cleartrip Has Some Really Good News For India

You think of Tatkaal, you think of trains. But Cleartrip is here to claim the term for flights and hotels too, with the launch of Cleartrip Tatkaal.

Cleartrip Tatkaal is here to disrupt the travel industry with (don’t say it, don’t say it) an unprecedented offer (damn we said it). So, what’s the offer?

Flat 50% off on all domestic flights and hotels, everyday at 12 noon.

You are probably waiting for the catch, but that’s the best part – there is no catch. It is genuinely half price, and it is applicable on all domestic flights and hotels. For a nation that loves a good deal, this is some really good news, and that is exactly what the campaign proposition is :

Ab isse achhi kya good news?

For years, “good news” has been widely used as a synonym for whenever a baby is born in a family. Cleartrip takes this insight and turns it on its head in this ad.

In the world of startups, there’s only one “good news” – when you finally receive funding and you are ready to take on the world. But with Cleartrip Tatkaal in the frame, there’s always better “good news” around the corner.

Cleartrip’s proposition is simple and straightforward. It doesn’t confuse the user with complicated terms and conditions, and it doesn’t hide anything. What you see, is what you get.

Here, there, Cleartrip everywhere

The brand took their messaging, and reached their audience at various high-impact location. From 1200 lifts in Bangalore…

…to Airports in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore

…to memes on the internet.

The Cascading Effect

Cleartrip also gave their e-commerce friends a heads up with some cheeky tweets. If people are going to be travelling a lot, they will be shopping a lot…

Not convinced?

Yes, the offer does sound too good to be true. In fact, people voiced their concerns as well, but Cleartrip was quick to respond to the skepticism, re-assuring everyone.

The day finally came today, and guess what – Cleartrip Tatkaal sold out in under four minutes.

Cleartrip saw a 10x surge in traffic across the flights and hotels category. It wasn’t just the website and app that saw the surge, the demand for Cleartrip saw 4x growth on search engines as well.

If you missed it today, you already know what time to set a reminder for tomorrow.