Classplus Salutes Those Who Have Always Inspired Us – Our Teachers

Teachers have played a pivotal role in building our nation. Every single teacher, in every single corner of the country has shaped the future of India, by teaching, mentoring and imparting wisdom to not just children but adults as well.

The relationship between a teacher and a student has a special place in our culture. Teachers are like second parents for students, who always have their best interests in mind. They have support students every step of the way, inspiring them, consoling them and just being the very best to them.

In their latest campaign, Classplus introduces us to the heart-warming story of one such teacher – Anand Sir. Like many other teachers, Anand Sir is also loved not just by his students but also other members of the community. After all, he has spent years, grooming the students who have set foot in his Gurukul.

So eventually when circumstances demanded that he move out of the city, there was a sense of dismay in and around the Gurukul. Check how the story unfolds below :

We love how the video integrates the product seamlessly and shows how in the modern world, teachers can now take their classroom anywhere they want. The story is reflective of the brand’s promise – Aapki Coaching, Aapki App, wherein Anand Sir, who is moving to a new town and is scared about leaving his entire life behind, gets introduced to his own own app as a Guru Dakshina by his old students.

Throughout our formative years, teachers have given everything they had to us. It is now time for us to give back to them. The beautiful thing about teachers is that even a simple message, or a call, letting them know that you are thankful for everything they have done for you, goes a really long way. The campaign is a reminder to all of us to take the opportunity and bring a smile to those faces, just like they did to yours.

Classplus is empowering teachers to go digital by helping them build their own online coaching apps. This doesn’t just ensure that the process of education never stops, but also secures the livelihood of teachers who have been impacted in recent months.

The brand is enabling teachers to do what they do best without the hassle of figuring out the nitty-gritty’s of what goes behind building an online school. Through their own app, teachers can now conduct live classes, upload pre-recorded courses, create online assessments and even do marketing within the app itself.

Classplus is envisioning a world where every coaching institute has their own app, which transcends geographical boundaries and has the power of becoming a national brand.