Cipla’s #BerokZindagi Campaign With Ayushmann Khurrana Hits All The Right Notes

Cipla has just launched the third chapter of their successful #BerokZindagi campaign, with Ayushmann Khurrana as the lead. Over the last three years the #BerokZindagi campaign has created much needed awareness about asthma and inhalers. This year the campaign takes yet another decisive step towards driving more adoption with Ayushmaan Khurrana’s inspiring digital film, busting myths about asthma.

The brand wanted to communicate how the usage of inhalers is the most effective treatment against asthma. To do this, Ayushmann introduced the audience to the stories of a Michelin Star Chef and an Arjuna awardee badminton player – Vikas Khanna and Parupalli Kashyap. Both of whom have led successful and fulfilled lives, while overcoming asthma with an inhaler by their sides.

Check it out :

The digital film gets the tonality just right. Awareness initiatives like this can often seem a little too preachy, but Ayushmann’s relatability keeps the brand message ‘asthma ke liye, inhalers hain sahi’ simple and easy to understand. The choice of brand ambassador couldn’t have been more apt.

Through the #BerokZindagi campaign, the brand wants to establish inhalers as the right treatment for asthma, dispel myths around inhalers and increase social acceptance for them through education. With their previous efforts, the awareness of inhalers have gone up by 10% and the consideration for inhalers has gone up by 5% – clearly they have already made a strong impact. With strong campaigns like this one, and with associations like Ayushmann Khurrana, Vikas Khanna and Parupalli Kashyap, Cipla can continue to create relevant impact in this field.