Celebrating Goals Could Be Considered As Promoting Homosexuality Which Is Illegal In Russia

The FIFA World Cup is ever, but here’s a look back at a very interesting campaign by Amnesty International to raise awareness about the anti homosexuality regime in Russia. In football, the players are often seen celebrating goals in ways which might seem to quite intimate for some. While these are natural and are part of the emotional moments on the football field, especially when you have just scored a goal, the same when done in Russia, is illegal. As per Russian law, they can be fined, deported or jailed. Yes, jailed.
“Amnesty considers that such a law interferes with the right to freedom of expression and fights for its abolition. The law has a negative impact on the efforts of LGBT + organizations and individual activists.”- said Martin Balcar, Head of Amnesty International CR.
Here are the creatives which they released to get their point across.