CEAT’s Latest Ad Takes A Creative Route For A Simple Message – Don’t Be A Dummy!

Think about ads for tyres and you typically think of tough visuals and not really a storyline – well, CEAT has just changed all that in their latest campaign. It’s a series of 2 ads that take a truly creative and engaging route to showcase the Securadrive tyre. They even brought in Aamir Khan in a never-seen-before avatar to land a clear message for the viewers: when it comes to choosing tyres, #DontBeADummy!

The premise of the ads is centered around a crash test dummy (yes, Aamir Khan) who is a perfectionist and very finicky about his safety (as we all should be). The video captures how the test dummy plays his little games to ensure he gets behind the wheels only after confirming it’s a Securadrive tyre. Conveying the value prop of the Securadrive tyre – check. Creative appeal in concept and execution- double check.

Check out the campaign videos below:

We absolutely love the campaign! CEAT manages to showcase all the goodness of the Securadrive tyre – a premium car tyre specifically designed to ensure safety, good braking, superior control and the good stuff that one needs for premium sedans and compact SUVs (think Honda City, Skoda Octavia, Hyundai Creta and the like). In doing so, it also gives us a slice of creativity and a quirky Aamir protagonist ‘dummy’.

It’s an interesting and new concept which is very well executed. Well done, CEAT!