Canon Encourages Users To Find Greatness In Ordinary Things With Their Latest Campaign

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder – this is the exact insight upon which Canon’s latest campaign ‘Do Great With Canon’ is based on. In every single second, there are innumerable moments co-existing around us. These moments could be emotional, fun, quirky, silly, and sad, you name it! Canon believes that to capture these moments, you only need to broaden your vision.

The campaign encourages you to explore the possibility of taking great images out of ordinary everyday moments with Canon DSLRs. The campaign story revolves around a young protagonist on his quest to make great shots from ordinary everyday moments.

Check it out!

We love the brand’s contemporary take on the concept, and the energy with which the film has been executed. The vibe of the video will resonate immediately with the young TG, who are increasingly learning to find awesome-ness in little things.

As an extension to the campaign, the brand has also released something interesting on their website. It is an interactive tool which asks the user to find greatness using a clever UI which allows you to scroll in all four directions, throwing a new image each time. You can check that out by clicking the image below:

The campaign is currently running across varied media properties. It first went live with its video across digital platforms in India. The campaign also includes both print and outdoor media with various impact properties.

It’s a really well-crafted campaign, encouraging consumers to nurture the ‘photography bug’ and take their first step towards the journey of photographic excellence with Canon.

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