Club Factory’s Zero Commission Policy Is A Blessing For Your Wallet

Online shopping has ensured that we always get a wide variety of options to choose from for our next purchase, but the core factor basis most of young India continues to make their purchase decision still remains price.

There are various factors which determine the price of a product on an online store, one of the most prominent being the commission that sellers are charged for being able to sell on an e-commerce platform. This is usually a fixed percentage of their sales or net sales value, ranging between 20% to 30%. With these commissions slowly but steadily increasing over time, with e-commerce companies also aiming to move towards profitability, the sellers have been finding it difficult to keep up with it. This results in lesser margins for the sellers, and a higher cost of purchase for the eventual customers. The sellers have no choice but to pass on some of the resulting cost to the consumers.

In this scenario, it was refreshing to read about Club Factory‘s policy on commissions. Club Factory is an e-commerce marketplace, which has being making steady strides in India since they launched here in 2016.

Club Factory does not charge any commission fee from its sellers, which allows them to sell at attractive price points. The sellers are able to transfer the benefit of no-commission to the consumers, resulting in low priced products and higher conversions. This is in essence a true marketplace where you, the buyer, can benefit from the no-commission strategy.

The brand has committed to this policy going forward, and you can be assured of low prices on your favourite products on Club Factory, a long time coming.

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