Cadbury Has A Sweet Secret That Has Definitely Got Us Drooling

We’re a land of very very different choices and preferences but there’s one taste that we universally love, that spells pure happiness to each of us – the glorious, smooth taste of Cadbury. It’s a household favourite and has been for many many years. Well, Cadbury now has a #SweetSecret! Our favourite Cadbury now comes in a cookie. Yes, you heard that right. Enter Cadbury Chocobakes!

What really caught our eye was how Mondelez did a great job of integrating the product launch of Cadbury ChocoBakes into the legendary Cadbury family. The other iconic Cadbury brands all celebrated Cadbury ChocoBakes on their social media handles, generating a fair bit of buzz around the new offering. This adorable welcome to the family left us with a warm fuzzy feeling, and was a great marketing tactic. Products like Dairy Milk, Silk, Perk and Gems are iconic in their own right, and the introduction meted out by them was a neat approach towards the launch. Check them out below :

These choco-filled cookies are pretty much what sweet tooth dreams are made of. You get your forever favourite Cadbury chocolate flavour and texture wrapped in the delicious goodness of a cookie’s crunch. Cadbury Chocobakes is definitely a sweet surprise addition to the Cadbury family. Check out this video below and do not blame us if you end up drooling a bit, okay? Happens to the best of us.

We’re loving the digital campaign around Cadbury ChocoBakes focused on few simple messages but landing them absolutely spot on. #CadburyNowInACookie is a #SweetSecret that’s now out and we can’t wait to get our hands on it, quite literally. What about you guys?

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