Cadbury Gems’ New Campaign Has Both Heart And Art

As adults, we’re going back to the one thing that best helps us connect with our inner child: colouring books. While it is a stress-buster for us, for our children, their drawings, doodles, and sketches are an expression of their imagination and creativity. 

With time, the sheets of paper lose relevance, and once taken down from the refrigerator, we forget about this part of childhood. 

But what if these strokes of genius could be given a new meaning? What if this art could be repurposed for something bigger?

Cadbury Gems, in partnership with GuardianLink is doing just that by taking to the canvas to paint a brighter future for our children by converting their art into NFTs. The brand has also joined hands with Save The Children, through which these NFTs are being auctioned to help sponsor underprivileged children in pursuing their dreams of getting a proper education. 

The most heartfelt aspect of the campaign is this: your child is contributing to enabling another child’s education.

Not every child gets the same opportunities and exposure, and it is this sad reality that is motivating parents to encourage their kids to help others in whatever little ways they can. 

There’s emotion attached to every phase of childhood: from doodles on a sheet to the first and last days of school. It is the emotional appeal that is distinguishing the campaign from the usual children’s brands campaigns and giving it a flavour of relatability 

Here’s how children and parents can be a part of the campaign:

  • Children create their own art embellished with Cadbury Gems
  • Parents upload it to the Cadbury Gems microsite
  • The art gets converted into an NFT by GuardianLink
  • These NFTs then become available for purchase on the microsite
  • Every purchase leads to a donation that sponsors the education of underprivileged children