Burger Wars Have Taken An Interesting Turn This Valentine’s Day

One of the most amazing things about brands on social media is when their paths cross – it always makes for a whole lot of entertainment for the audience. Something of this sort just went down, and well things took an interesting turn. Burger King just launched a Valentine’s Day campaign that was a very, not-so-subtle dig at McDonald’s.

The video was themed around the iconic Ronald McDonald with a melancholic soundtrack basically taking a punt at ‘why stay alone on 14th February’ aka #LonelyNoMore. Check out the video below to understand the context better:

However, clearly a lot of McDonald’s fans and loyalists jumped to defend their brand of choice, and their beloved Ronald McDonald no less! People started commenting on the Burger King post – and their reactions ranged from comparing the burgers and brands to even just pouring out love for Ronald McDonald and the nostalgic value that he represents for a lot of people who’ve grown up eating McDonald’s. Check out some of the reactions below:

It was so heartening to see everyone come out and stand by a brand they all love.

Some of the comments were pretty savage as well.

And some even called out the campaign idea.

You’ve got to love it when brand loyalists jump to defend their favourite brands. We have all grown up with McDonald’s, and it was no surprise that users were quick to respond with their comments standing by a brand they love and adore.

All in all, it was quite an interesting development for all brand and marketing lovers. A little ambush marketing, a little brand loyalty and creativity galore! There’s only one thing we can say – I’m lovin’ it!