Burger King Will Throw A Party For Kids Having Unhappy Birthdays During Lockdown

Imagine you are 10 year old kid, whose birthday happened to fall during this lockdown. Isn’t that a bummer? You’ve been waiting an entire year for your special day, when you would celebrate with your friends, have a great meal and run around town. But no, you’ve had to stay home doing nothing throughout the day on your birthday.

To cheer these kids up, Burger King France has created a promotion offering free birthday parties, once the lockdown ends. This is inclusive of food, cake, gifts, invitations and decorations for 500 kids whose parents upload a photo of their birthday cakes to social media, tagging Burger King.

All 500 parties were claimed within 24 hours, and that is when BK extended this offer for another 100 customers.

“Our priority during the crisis has always been to make ourselves useful through simple and concrete actions,” says Alexandre Simon, chief marketing officer of Burger King France. “Once again, this is what we are doing with this action, which has only one goal: to show our attachment to families.”

“Containment is difficult and it is even more so for children who have waited a whole year to be able to celebrate their birthday,” adds Saulo Rocha, executive creative director of David Madrid. “Burger King has always been the ally of French families, so we decided to make these children’s birthdays a little happier. We are very proud of this first campaign for the brand in this very special context.”