Burger King Serves Just ‘Whoppers’ For An Entire Day!

If you care to take a look around, the world is full of bizarre, and adventurous things that people do.

But oftentimes, companies and brands – especially the big ones – are reserved when it comes to trying new things, and pushing their limits.

But, what we heard from UK, brings a new definition to ‘pushing the limits’.

Being true to their very beginning, Burger King served just ‘Whoppers’, their signature flame-grilled burger, dedicating the entire day of 17th April to it. This was done, in order to increase the awareness (and of course, sales) for their Whoppers.

The only thing that their menus offered was Whoppers. Nothing else. In fact, not even a single picture of another food was in sight.

They also offer a free Whopper for registered users of their Burger King app.

This was named ‘Whopper Takeover’ as a part of its ‘Go Whopper, or Go Home’ campaign, which they created with BBH London advertising agency.

“The Whopper is Burger King’s pride and joy, and for one day only we think everyone deserves to get involved, tuck in and savor that flame-grilled goodness on us. Burger fans have no choice, but in a good way.” Says Katie Evans, Burger King’s marketing director.

There was also an advertisement, that was a part of the campaign, where a customer gets rejected by an angry BK employee, at a drive-through.



Through a print ad in The Metro, BK acknowledges that many Brits haven’t ordered a Whopper in a good while, so the Whopper Day aims to place the chain’s signature burger on “the pedestal it deserves.”

We should really admire the leap of faith BK took, in order to drive people towards their nearly forgotten signature burger. Even just for a day.