Burger King Is Now Delivering Whoppers To Your Car When You Are Stuck In Traffic Jams

The prospect of being served a burger straight to your car when you are stuck in a nightmarish traffic jam is pretty tempting. With Burger King, this temptation is now a reality, at least in Mexico.

Burger King is coming to the rescue of commuters in big cities through a delivery service which will bring burgers to their cars when they are stuck in terrible traffic jams. What’s it called? The Traffic Jam Whopper!

The campaign uses various high-tech features make the delivery in highly congested parts of Mexico City. The brand has also reported a 63% increase in delivery orders in the first week of the test, along with a 44x multiple in Burger King app downloads.

This service promises to bring Burger King food to consumers in the most heavily gridlocked areas while they’re still at the wheel. It uses real-time traffic data to determined heavily congested areas. It is also supported by banner ads and digital billboards which alert drivers when the delivery service is available to them.

Check it out!