Burger King Champions Inclusivity With This Primetime Ad For Those Who Can’t See

Imagine a burger ad. What are you seeing? Tempting images of a soft burger, filled with meaty goodness and a protagonist feasting on the burger like it’s the last day of their life. Do you see that sesame bun? Are you imagining a rich layer of cheese?

But what if you were blind? How would fast food chains advertise to you?

Most fast food commercials trigger sensations like taste and smell by using the association of sight. So Burger King went ahead and did something totally different

Their latest ad from Brazil finds a unique way to showcase those same senses for those who are not blessed with the sense of sight. In the ad we see a blind man describing the burger through touch. His descriptions bring the burgers to life as he calls the double cheddar a “cheddar explosion” and describes the buns as “soft sesame bread.”

The audio description at the beginning sets the scene for visually-impaired viewers. Additionally, captions throughout the ad are in place to help those with hearing issues. This ad marks the first time in Brazilian TV history that the audio description is part of the primary broadcast.

Check it out!