Budweiser Experiences Calls Out To Everyone To Break Stereotypes And Be A King

It’s 2019 – the time and age to break shackles of stereotypes and seize every opportunity we possibly can. Budweiser Experiences‘ latest campaign is an anthem that rings this message out loud and clear. Their latest campaign is like a war cry for the youth, urging them to ‘Be A King‘. The campaign is a powerful message, where ‘Be A King’ is symbolic of an attitude, a mindset that young Indians should feel empowered to shine, and not let anything stop them.

‘Be A King’ is a compelling narrative that is brought to life by three inspiring youth icons as protagonists – Divine (India’s leading hip hop artist), Siri Narayan (an acclaimed rapper) and Mokshada Jailkhani (a body positive dancer).

The campaign is a set of videos that really create a sense of aspiration, invigorating the audience to actually power through and fight to achieve whatever they want. The videos have been directed by an internationally acclaimed director who has worked with superstars like Lil Wayne and Drake among others. Both videos are set in an urban nightclub with eclectic lighting that resembles a crown. The perfect setting for giving the feels to ‘Be A King’! Divine sets the ball rolling by rapping his vision of what makes a true king. He leaves the floor open to the audience to come and take up this opportunity and create their own spotlight moment.

The first video showcases Siri taking on Divine’s challenge as she raps her piece in Kannada. Her confidence is almost chilling! Check out the video below:

The video narrative continues with Mokshada getting inspired by Divine’s rap and breaking into a mesmerizing dance. Her moves convey how Kings aren’t born, it’s sheer effort, tenacity and hunger that drives them to success. Check out the video below:

Budweiser Experiences truly makes a strong point about self-acceptance, free thought, being true to yourself and representing that – a concoction of elements that puts you in a position to really become unstoppable. Kudos to the campaign and here’s to each of us, may we all aspire ‘Be A King’