Bournvita Shows Us How Champions Are Built And Not Born In A Stunning Campaign

Have you ever put your time, effort, and dedication into something, but failed? A failed outcome in such a scenario often feels like an unjustified ending. 

You can react in one of two ways: either you let it overwhelm and disappoint you, or you let the failure convert your weaknesses into strengths. 

Bournvita’s latest short film, as part of their ‘Tayyari Jeet Ki’ campaign, tackles this dilemma and changes perspectives on the role of failure in today’s hyper-competitive world.

Everyone seems to be glorifying the ones who win. This makes this campaign that much more important. A reflection on how powerful failure can be, when dealt with right.

The film is truly quite a stunner, watch it below for yourself:

The Boy Who Failed 

A bold title for a bold message. Success stories always highlight the winners, but what about the unbreakable spirit of those who despite losses, emerge stronger and wiser with every setback? 

With an aim to normalize failure, the campaign underlines some important life lessons: there is a stark difference between defeat and accepting defeat. 

The message is targeted toward parents whose responsibility it is to guide their children to be able to look at failure as a teaching they can learn from. 

How did they convey this? Through real-life stories of athletes who embody the ethos of never giving up. 

The right kind of tayyari 

As an extension to the campaign, Bournvita has collaborated with inspiring sportspeople, who define success not by the number of medals they have won, but rather by the experiences they have undergone to improve on their mistakes and do better with every game. 

To emphasize the importance of failures, there is no one better to learn from than those who fought their hardest and continue to do so today despite obstacles in their path. 

Additionally, the brand has launched a parenting website that provides a holistic overview to parents on how to deal with their child’s physical and mental health, education, and journey towards success in an ever-competitive world. 

Shifting perspectives 

Rooted in progressive parenting, the brand’s approach takes a step back from the mainstream and chooses to value the importance of failure instead of success. 

It is through raw and real stories that the youth will get a realistic outlook of what the path to success looks like, rather than just glorifying moments of victory. 

Bournvita, through a clutter-break short film, delivers this profound message in an encouraging and moving manner. 

The Boy Who Failed. Taiyyari Jeet Ki. It’s all related, and that’s the beauty of it!