Bingo’s New Contest Involves No Hard Work, Just Chilling

Sometimes don’t you want to just do… nothing. Like one of those lazy Sunday afternoons when you just want to put your feet back, put on your favourite music and just relax. Now, imagine if doing nothing would get you stuff. That’s exactly the premise of ITC Bingo’s #ChillWithBingo contest.

Last year, the #ChillWithBingo contest saw thousands of people sharing pictures of their chilling moments on social media to win prizes. This year, the humorous brand is bringing the campaign back for round 2, but has taken a slightly different route that makes participating more effortless than ever and chilling even easier.

After all, you want to continue chilling while entering the contest, don’t you?

All you need to do is scan the QR code on the Rs 10 and Rs 20 Bingo! Potato Chips packets, fill a quick and easy form without having to move an inch, and choose the gifts you’d like to win. In just three simple steps, you can win exciting prizes like bean bags, recliners, karaoke sets, headphones, and more.

With participation as easy as this, loads of people have already entered the contest in a bid to win the prizes, while the big promotions on social media are driving more and more participation every day.

The brand has also rolled out a TVC in its signature style to promote the offer.