Bingo! Makes Ranveer Singh Crash Video Calls In Their Latest Campaign #BingoConnecting

2020 – the year of “unprecedented” moments and in all fairness, the year of video calls. With most people (thankfully) staying home, we are left to either postpone or celebrate all the big and small moments in life virtually – getting married, graduating college, celebrating a birthday or even just spending time with your loved one. Bingo! noticed how many people across the country are upset because they are not being able to live up these occasions the way they’d like. They came up with a genius #BingoConnecting campaign with the loved superstar Ranveer Singh to completely blow over some people’s minds!

Imagine you’re on a video call being grumpy about not being able to party or meet someone you love and you see someone crash your call ‘…connecting Ranveer Singh’! That’s exactly what Bingo! did. They got together some friends and family of people, and had their superstar ambassador crash their call. Safe to say, people went crazy!

Their emotion of being upset at the start of the call turned to pure and complete shock and eventually absolute joy that they’re literally video-calling with Ranveer Singh! True to his persona, Ranveer Singh is absolutely informal and a total entertainer – there’s some leg pulling, some dancing and a whole lot of good vibes all around.

We love the #BingoConnecting campaign! In times of bad news, Bingo! with Ranveer Singh brought a big smile on everyone’s faces and definitely made it an unforgettable day for a few special ones. Like Ranveer says in the call, “Kuch na kuch jugaad to nikal aayega” – it’s this spirit of staying positive that is the undertone of the campaign.  Bingo! has always stood for laughter and madness, and this campaign reinforces that beautifully.

Check out the video below and go video-call someone you love. Who knows, Ranveer Singh may just crash your call too!

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