Bharat Petroleum Has A Special Message For The Nation’s Bravehearts This Rakshabandhan

What makes our favourite festivals so special? Sure, there are the gifts and the large spreads of delicious food, but none of that would mean anything without family by your side. And for some, this is a sad reality. 

Busy with our own loved ones, we sometimes fail to acknowledge those that can’t be together on special occasions for various reasons. 

Bharat Petroleum’s Rakshabandhan campaign focuses on long-distance sibling relationships, but with a more profound message. The company is honouring the ‘nation’s brothers,’ the soldiers of our country, this Rakshabandhan. 

Distance makes the heart grow fonder 

The preparations and arrangements in the lead-up to the festival are perhaps more exciting than the festival itself. The day loses all meaning when you don’t have that one person to celebrate with. 

To honour such siblings who put their work and their commitment to the nation’s protection before personal aspirations, Bharat Petroleum decided to convey a heartfelt message in a pragmatic way. 

The campaign truly gets it right across two aspects: 

  • It inculcates a deep sense of pride and respect for our soldiers, to be separated from loved ones on the most special days of the year 
  • It makes us realise that’s it not just them – their families too sacrifice so much for the safety of the nation

The best-conveyed messages are those that strike an emotional chord within the audience. By portraying a sister’s POV on Rakshabandhan day, the video reflexively pushes us to think about how we would feel if we were put in the same position.

With Rakshabandhan falling close to 75 years of Independence Day celebrations this year, BPCL brings patriotism in their new video that salutes all the soldiers who protect the country while their families miss them back home.

S. Abbas Akhtar, Chief General Manager (Public Relations & Brand) said “A rakhi is a promise of taking care and protecting the sister, just like our soldiers who protect our borders. Our Rakshabandhan campaign video is our tribute to our soldiers who put their life on line to keep us safe”.

A campaign that brews emotions and makes you think… BPCL got it right this Rakshabandhan!