Here’s How Bata Is Delighting Consumers With A Re-imagined Store Experience

As a brand, Bata has always held a special place in any Indian’s heart. 

With a context of a rich legacy, Bata is reinventing their brand and specifically its retail presence to embrace the newest trends in retail, and appeal to a younger audience.  

Having renovated a whopping 250+ stores this year, Bata is focused on delivering not just satisfaction to customers, but sheer delight!

Bata’s rejuvenated stores are sparking excitement and conversations among the shoppers 

Lets dive in to some of the best picks from the new features that are making Bata’s in-store shopping a totally new and fun experience: 

#1: The Lift & Learn Technology 

A fantastic example of using technology to enable a seamless and easy shopping experience.

Here’s how it works: You pick out a shoe from the wall, and raise it up. Voila, you get all the product information on the digital screen above it. 

Pretty cool, right? It gets better.

You could pick two, three or even six shoes and the tool will help you compare the shoes. A super easy and fascinating way to have your concerns or queries addressed almost instantly. 

This gives a web based experience at a physical store to see videos, compare shoes, product features and purchase from the store instantly. It basically serves the purpose of a silent salesman.

Definitely a fascinating application of technology to really amp up the shopping experience.

#2: The Jukebox

Bata recently re-invented their in-store music program and introduced a new innovative feature called ‘Jukebox’. This allows shoppers to listen to their favorite music in-store, while they shop. This is claimed to be an industry-first move at this scale.

Fun fact: Bata is allegedly the largest in-store radio network in India!

Shoppers can request songs on the app as they shop, and enjoy peppy beats of their choice. Plus, using the app also gets you discounts.

Its a fun way to connect all the pan-India stores – through music. Music is a powerful tool when you shop. Bata also smartly plays around with genres during the course of the day. Post lunch lazy vibes could do with a little upbeat pick-me-up! 

The jukebox is a great feature to connect with GenZ. Music is a big selling point for the youth, so it’s no surprise that they’re loving this as part of the new Bata store experience.

The results so far?

Customers who used the Jukebox spent 10-15% more time in the store. Within the launch period of 3-4 months, Bata received 25,000+ song requests and counting! 

Undoubtedly, Bata is winning hearts on the shop floor by engaging with customers in an innovative way, and making the shopping experience utterly delightful.

#3: 3D Holographic Unit 

It’s 3D… without the glasses.

This in-store display uses light diffraction to create a holographic image: a 3D animation of the shoe in thin air.

It looks exactly as interesting as it sounds! That’s exactly why it’s drawing shopper attention. It attracts customers, especially the youth, and communicates all the features of the product in a way that hasn’t been done before. 

It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s in sync with Bata’s new vibe.

#4: Digital Screens & Luxe Facades

Why have static posters when you can have huge LED screens in-store? 

The screens allow the opportunity to run videos, text, images, and GIFS on the same screen as compared to only one communication on banners. 

All the screens are connected at the back end, which enables an instantaneous change of content controlled centrally. Quick & easy to manage!

Every store has a curated solution, with screens placed at entry points, display windows, and even in the arches of the walls. It’s an instant attention-grabber, and subconsciously tempts people to walk in. 

#5: Sneaker Studios and more

You can’t be a shoe brand targeting the youth and not appeal to the sneakerhead community!

Bata has created 300+ exclusive sneaker studios within their stores to attract sneakerheads. 

Bata is also smartly leveraging visual merchandising props. When done right, these act like silent sellers; displaying product USPs and breaking down technical terms into simple language to help customers have a more pleasant shopping experience. 

Re-imagining Bata for Consumer Delight

Over the past year, Bata has been investing to re-invent itself keeping consumer at the center of all their changes.  

Using tech, modern designs, and quirky marketing initiatives, the brand strives to stand out while staying relevant – and the new in-store elements are helping Bata do just that. 

Check out your nearest Bata store to experience some of these for yourself 🙂