Axis Bank’s New Campaign Takes a Musical Route to Showcase Kochi’s Smart City Vibe

Axis Bank recently collaborated with Kochi’s popular local band Masala Coffee to pull together an upbeat campaign ‘I Live The Metro Life’ that showcases how life in Kochi has evolved, thanks to the Kochi1 card and Kochi Metro. 

The music video uses very relatable protagonists – a photographer, a designer, a dancer, aspiring footballer and his coach and so on – basically showing how a local Kochi citizen can benefit from the Kochi1 card while they commute, dine or shop. Truly a smart metropolitan life!

This music video celebrates the city of Kochi, portraying not only its deep rooted heritage but also the city’s modern outlook and contemporary infrastructure. Through their partnership with Masala Coffee, the brand is able to celebrate the best experiences that the city offers and is an ode to the vibrant citizens of Kochi. 

Check out the video below: 

It’s refreshing to see national brands opting for a local flavour in their communication with their audience. These tie-ups with local influencers ensure a high level of relatability with the users and creates a positive positioning for the brand. While most national brands have the budget and access to national celebrities, it doesn’t always yield the best possible results. We are moving towards an era of personalisation in marketing, and using local influencers ensures you are talking to the people in a language they understand.

This video by Axis Bank is a culmination of many local talents including Manu Manjith, a famous Malayalam film lyricist and Fejo, an upcoming rapper native of Kochi. The campaign beautifully captures the vibe of the metro city, with a heady mix of traditions and day-to-day life, mixed with new innovations and technology. It’s a well-thought out campaign that clearly demonstrates the exciting proposition of Axis Bank’s Kochi1 Card. Special props to the music – really brings it to life!