Axis Bank Explores A Heartwarming Parenting Role Reversal In Their Latest Campaign ‘Flashback’

In today’s day and age, everything around us has changed in a way that senior citizens experience a much more evolved lifestyle. They enjoy movie outings, world tours, or spending hours with their friends over a cup of Chai or Coffee. You could say that after a certain age senior citizens once again become carefree like kids. However, their 30-something ‘parents’ are worried sick because they can’t keep track of them. Rings a bell? From keeping your parents abreast of which friend’s house you are playing Ludo in, to telling them #GharPeBataaKeJana, the roles have been reversed amusingly.

On various occasions, when you can’t find them, you end up searching the whole building only to find them playing scrabble on the terrace. You love taking care of them, much like they did when you were younger. These moments of our beloved seniors experiencing little things that they cherished in their growing years are truly precious. Axis Bank’s latest ‘Flashback’ campaign is a tribute to such moments. Through their campaign, Axis Bank is giving their select senior citizen customers an opportunity to relive the cinematic experience of 70s & 80s.

In this heartwarming video, Axis Bank captures the role reversal in a manner that will remind people of all ages, the good old days!

The brand has also organized a special screenings of select Silver Jubilee movies of the 70s-80s era for some specially invited senior citizen customers. The screening is a ‘walk down the memory lane’ where everything is designed to remind the patrons of the bygone cinematic experience. From tickets to popcorn tubs, everything evokes nostalgia.

It allows senior citizens to engage with the brand in a ‘slice of life’ manner, and evokes a heartwarming sense of nostalgia in a true Axis Bank style.