‘Asian Paints Where The Heart Is’ – A Web Series Which Explores The Stories Behind Beautiful Celebrity Homes

Home – that one word which always fills our heart with relief and comfort. It’s not just a structure made of bricks and mortar, it’s so much more. It’s the lights in your room, the sound of nature, the colour of the walls and the sunlight through the windows.

Every home has a story, and Asian Paints is aiming to bring that out in the second season of their web series – Asian Paints Where The Heart Is‘. This web series will be unravelling the stories behind celebrity homes and get to know them for the people they really are. The show will take viewers on a journey of discovery to seven beautiful homes around the country, and the people who have poured their heart into building them.

Who are the people you ask? It’s a stellar list.

National cricket icon Saurav Ganguly, leading Bollywood actors Sushant Singh Rajput and Radhika Apte, ace directors Zoya Akhtar and Kabir Khan along with his equally famous wife Mini Mathur and finally music sensations Monica Dogra and Anirudh Ravichandran.

Through this web series we will not only get an exclusive look into their homes, but also hear them share stories about their lives and families. Check out the video below :

Asian Paints as a brand has always stood for the beauty of expression. Their long time tagline of ‘har ghar kuch kehta hai’ has resonated with so many of us through the years, and with this web series the brand continues to establish their brand philosophy of celebrating beautiful homes.

The web series will also allow viewers to draw inspiration for their own homes. They will be able to discover fascinating nuances of tastefully done up celebrity homes, and at the same time relate to stories of the corners where the celebrities like to unwind. After all it is at their home, where they are truly themselves. It is at home, where their heart is.

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