Ariel Takes Fans Down Memory Lane With Their #2011Dobara Campaign

As Indians, we all love our cricket team. But when we are participating in the World Cup, the sheer emotion and intensity with which we support our national team is at a different level altogether. There are a plethora of brands which are looking to tap into this excitement, but most of them are not able to stand out because of their tepid messaging. Their communication gets lost in the clutter.

Enter Ariel.

This year, Ariel’s World Cup campaign has got its neck out and above everyone else with their nostalgia inducing, and emotion evoking video which takes us all back to that stunning day in April, 2011. Check it out!

The campaign connects with the consumer at an emotional level, unlike the contest led approach that most other brands have taken. The core of the campaign is very relatable, given most of us associate some items, tokens or people to be lucky mascots for the Indian cricket team. Some of us watch the match only on a particular spot on the couch, while some of us eat the same snack, and while others wear the same clothes. In this campaign, that lucky token is the Team India jersey. We see various fans in their blue jerseys celebrating the moment India won the tournament in 2011.

Come 2019, it’s time yet again for that blue jersey to be taken out, and for positive vibes to be sent the way of our beloved cricket team. What really works here is that the brand plug does not look like a force fit, and it ties in with the story very seamlessly as we see how those lucky jerseys from 2011 have been maintained perfectly with an Ariel wash, to be put back in use in 2019.

Here’s to #2011Dobara!