Apple Transformed This 19th Century Palazzo Into A Stunning Retail Store

Apple’s newest flagship store is located in the historic Palazzo Marignoli in the heart of Rome.

In collaboration with Foster+Partners, an architectural design firm, Apple restored the 19th century building to create a space that not only serves as a retail store, but also pays homage to Roman arts and culture.

Originally built in 1873, the palazzo was a hub for renowned local actors, artists, and writers. Apple will be continuing this tradition by hosting its Today At Apple sessions in the fields of art and design, music, content creation, photography, coding, and more at the store.

The staircase has been restored with locally sourced Carrara marble

On entering, visitors will be greeted by a monumental marble staircase that dates back to the year 1888. The building is also home to a ballroom, which will be used to host the Today At Apple sessions, and has a lush open courtyard at its centre.

The courtyard which sits in the centre of the building

This has been one of Apple’s most significant restoration projects. The original paintings were restored, and the exquisite ceilings were hand-painted by local artists over thousands of hours.

The geometrical design on the ceiling has been hand-painted by local artists
The 19th century original paintings have been restored and installed in the ceilings
The ballroom that serves as the classroom for Today At Apple sessions

Apple has previously undertaken multiple restoration projects such as the Washington DC library, the Champs-Élysées store in Paris, and the Upper East Side store in New York.

Apple Carnegie Library by Foster+Partners in Washington, DC
Apple Carnegie Library, Washington DC
Apple Store, Upper East Side / Bohlin Cywinksi Jackson,© Peter Aaron
Apple Store, Upper East Side, New York