Apple Just Fired Shots At Google’s Privacy Practices With A Billboard

Apple recently set up a billboard which takes a jibe at their rival Google, bringing up the ever so controversial topic of privacy. Aiming to troll Google’s privacy practices, Apple’s black and white advertisement claims the seriousness with which Apple approaches user privacy. The message reads – “We’re in the business of staying out of yours.” “Privacy, that’s iPhone.”

What really got everyone raving about this was that the billboard was put up just outside the headquarters of Sidewalk Labs, Google’s urban innovation organisation in Toronto, Canada.

Sidewalk Labs aims to transform cities into smart cities, with the help of surveillance cameras and high tech sensors. They of course collect a lot of public data, and hence have also met with a lot of public pushback. Although Sidewalk Labs promises not to sell the data it gathers without residents’ consent, Google’s privacy track record has many calling the city a futuristic nightmare.

This is not the first time Apple has has done something like this. They placed the billboard below in Las Vegas ahead of the annual CES trade show.