Apple Is Prepared To Kill The iPhone Home Button In Tomorrow’s Big Launch

If you have been following the tech threads of late, it has been rumoured that Apple will release three new phones on Wednesday. They are likely to vary in size, price and internal specs, but what you most need to know is that this will almost definitely be the first roster of new iPhones in which none of the options will have a home button. This is already the case with the iPhone X, and now it looks like it’ll be the new norm.

This controversial choice is in keeping with Apple’s paternalistic style of forcing things onto us that we don’t actually want, like phones without headphone jacks and phones that scan your face. But the thing about apple is that – You might almost forget that you never wanted a home-buttonless phone in the first place.

Here’s what you can expect

3 super-big iPhones with no home button

First, the iPhone XS, which will be basically the same (5.8-inch) flagship phone as last year, but with some internal upgrades. Second, a supersize (6.5-inch) version of the iPhone XS with a name TBD (popular guesses are “Max” and “Plus”). Finally, a slightly less expensive version of the XS that might be called the XC. That one will have a less fancy screen (LCD instead of OLED, but still huge at 6.1 inches). The first two are rumored to be stainless steel (with a gold option), and the XC is rumored to come in some fun and funky colors without the stainless steel.

Let’s wait and watch!

Source : Vox