Apollo Tyres’ Creative Social Stunt Has A Big Message Around Distracted Driving

Apollo Tyres has always advocated safety on the roads, and this time they have a very strong message around distracted driving. The brand created awareness and encouraged positive action through a unique activity. We often blame drunk driving as the number one case of road accidents, however that is far from the truth. While drunk driving is surely a menace, it is distracted driving which causes a majority of accidents. This can be distraction in the form of attending a call, sending a text message or scrolling through your Instagram while you are driving. In essence, the biggest distraction is all the content that we are so keen to consume on social media, even while we are driving.

To tackle this issue, Apollo Tyres did something rather unique. They tweeted a white, blank, empty post on their handle and it really got people talking, and guessing as to what this was all about. 

This also initiated a hashtag on twitter #OhhApolloTyres with people voicing their confusion and making guesses as to what was happening with the brand.

This was followed by another series of blank, white, empty posts on their Instagram handle. At first we were like – ‘okay, who’s getting fired for this?’ But a closer look made us realise that this was in fact a planned activity, and a much needed one as well. 

Distracted driving because of our obsession with checking every notification on our phone while we drive is a major concern for our safety on the road. Apollo Tyres produced a genius solution to this issue, by not giving their followers any content to consume – a series of white, blank, empty posts on their social media with the message #NothingToSeeHere.

The campaign soon caught fuel, and other brands like Mother Dairy, Daikin and GoIbibo also spoke in support of it. 

Apollo Tyres has always advocated safety on the roads, and this was yet another impactful campaign towards the cause. It was a refreshing way to remind us all of how irresponsibly we treat the safety of ourselves and our loved ones on the roads, and got everyone talking about it. Next time you are driving, remember to keep your phone away, because there’s #NothingToSeeHere.