Apollo Tyres Asks Drivers To #DimTheLights Today For A Better Tomorrow

If you have driven on Indian roads, chances are that you have been blinded by the high beam of a car coming from the opposite direction at least once in your life. It literally means that for those few seconds you are driving without seeing the road ahead.

For something so fatal and prevalent on Indian roads, there is very little conversation around this. In fact, the awareness around when to use the high beam and when not to use it are unknown even by the most seasoned drivers. This unawareness can risk the lives of millions if Indians who spend a large part of their day driving, like truck drivers, delivery personnel and cab drivers. Keeping this in mind, Apollo Tyres has launched an initiative called #DimTheLights to educate drivers all around the country.

So, when should you use the high beam, and when should you absolutely not? Here are some key takeaways from Apollo’s awareness campaign.

The appropriate usage of high beam is in dark rural areas, when you want to increase visibility. You can also use it in dimly lit roads and streets, or highways where no other cars are present. Do not use high beam during rain or fog, it reduces visibility. Do not use high beam as a flash or a signal either. It is not recommended to use the high beam within city limits.

The brand is also encouraging everyone to take a pledge and do their part in bringing about more awareness around the correct usage of dippers. We love how Apollo Tyres is brining about change in our driving habits and educating drivers to make their travels safer #DimTheLights today for a brighter tomorrow.