An Engineer From BITS Pilani Challenged Himself To Make 30 Ads in 30 Days

Shivam Kumar, an engineer from BITS Pilani, who later went on to work with one of India’s fastest growing digital marketing companies started feeling the brunt of a 9 to 5 job and just could not satiate his creative side. He then challenged himself to create 30 ads in 30 days using brands which are close to him and those which he connects to or uses on a daily basis. He completed the project and shared it with our team, and we just had to give it a shoutout!

1. One for the tea and coffee addicts.


2. For it is the tiniest of details that define perfection.


3. Boycott brushing.


4. The game that’s way more than just a game.


5. One for the coders.


6. “We were on a break.”


7. One for the Bollywood aficionados.


8. A tribute to a legendary ad campaign.


9. Safety matters.


10. The next best thing to naked.


11. Written in public interest.


12. Diarrhoea problem? No problem.


13. Snack of the nation.


14. Keep calm and swipe right.


15. Biceps, check. Triceps, check. Forearms?


16. Read digital.


17. India’s beloved beer.


18. A tribute to an iconic candy.


19. For its ‘eye-catching’ abilities.


20. Workout and music go hand in hand.


21. And that’s how it begins these days…


22. There’s a reason they say ‘to the letter’.


23. Learn through experience.


24. Think advertising. Think I_EA.


25. For the road less travelled by, is often the one full of adventures.


26. When in two minds, read the synopsis.


27. Where there is a will, there is a whey.


28. Probably the best beer in the world. (A take on the iconic ‘If Carlsberg did campaign.)


29. The one with Diwali.


30. Big things start small.